Our services can be handled in English and Hebrew

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Divorce Mediation, Family Conflict, Business Dispute Consulting and Workshop in Cultural Disparity



The quality of your communication can

Make the Difference

The key to any successful personal, professional, and lasting relationship is open and effective communication.

LTA mediation has the skills and experience to help you resolve disputes directly through mediation or provide you with the right tools for a productive and efficient way to resolve disputes and conflicts through the workshops that we give.

  • Delivering the right message through written communication.

  • Mediate between cultural gap.

  • Integrate your business for better Customer service. 

  • Get the right tools to deal with disputes and lack communication,

LTA mediation is a productive way to resolve disputes,

Let LTA mediation provide you with the tools we all need to be a better listener and a more effective communicator. 


To find more about our workshops and mediation services, how they can help you, your organization or your business, make an inquiry via our contact page today.

Our Services

can be handled in English and Hebrew




Commercial Disputes




Cultural Gap


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What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal and confidential way for people to resolve disputes with the help of a neutral party.

A Mediator, who is trained to help people discuss their differences and resolve their problem at hand.

The mediator does not take sides or concludes which one is right and which one is wrong, but rather helps the parties work out their problems through an open discussion.


"Adi from LTA mediation was very professional and made my divorce process much easier she was very helpful and responsive. I highly recommend hiring Adi she is excellent and great at what she does don't even think twice ! Hire her."

-Erez B.

“This workshop was helpful to our members and most expressed a desire for Adi to return and lead another one".

- Chani Getter, Program & Operations Coordinator, Footsteps​​​​​​​​​

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Adi Roffe-Schaffer

CEO & Founder of LTAMediation

Avi Marom Milberger

Vice President - Israel Chamber of Mediators


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