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Divorce Mediation

Child Visitation

Every divorcing couple must resolve their issues before the divorce can become final. Traditionally, each of the parties hires his/her own lawyer to handle their challenges prior to the legal conclusion of the marriage. However,this is not the case when it comes to Divorce Mediation.


  • Mediation - much cheaper alternative to costly attorneys, only one mediator needs to be hired.​

  • You make your own decisions for life! Don't leave it to court or a judge.​

  • Save time! move one with your life without litigation which can take years. mediation can take few weeks or few months.​

  • Child visitation or child support - mediation can help you find the right solution to your needs and more important to the needs of your kids!

​​LTA Mediation is qualified to assist divorcing couples in those difficult times in their lives. We also provide Child Visitation and Child support Mediation, in order to reach an agreement when it comes to this serious matter.


Other Services

Commercial Disputes

All families face difficulties and crises at times which may be caused by illnesses, miscommunications,  divorce,  finances issues ,stress between siblings elder and more, Mediation can help in the healing process toward a new and fresh beginning in the lives of the individuals. 



Over the last decade the approach taken by commercial parties towards dispute resolution has changed.  Commercial parties are increasingly looking to alternative forms of dispute resolution, to find methods which better suit their commercial needs and deliver efficient and effective results. Mediation often provides the answer.


Cultural Gap

Are you frustrated by your employees for not reaching the goals you set for them and don’t know why?​

Maybe it’s time to focus on those professional relationships and improve them for better efficiency.

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