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How to respond to an angry email?

We can find ourself mad angry of something that happened, either our x husband makes us mad ,husband, a good friend or even just a statement in the Facebook regarding the election or any interesting topic. The same thing can happened to the other side and the question is how should we respond to an angry email. See below the husband email and his x wife respond.

It's just an example it can be the other way as well (the wife can be mad and the x husband will respond).

•The husband : “Jane I can’t believe you are so stupid as to think I'm going to let you take the kids to your boss birthday party during my parenting time. Have you no memory of the last six conflicts we have had about my parenting time??? Or you having an affair with him ??

•The wife: Jane : “ Thank you for responding to my request to take the kids to my office party. Just to clarify, the party will be from 3-5 on Friday at the office and there will be around 30 people there – including several other parents brining school age kids. No alcohol, very family oriented firm. It will be a good experience for the kids to see me at my workplace, since you do not agree, then of course I will respect that and withdraw my request, as I recognize it is your parenting time.

As you can see the respond was B I F F - brief informative firm and friendly .

Hope it helped and you can implement "the BIFF" in the future for any email text message or all written communication. [endif]

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