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The way we articulate

The way we articulate can change the dynamic between people. we have each our own way of saying things, which directly affects the way that others perceive us. sometimes, just by changing the tone of our voice we can get a positive reaction from the other side.

one of the day when the secretary at court handed me a copies of the agreement that was signed by the judge and was drafted by me. (after I mediated some case at court and for the court! ), I realized that were just 2 copies of the agreement instead of 3, each party should get one and one for me.

I told her in a nicely and quietly way please I need another one, she answered me in a nasty way "you don't need you want "!!!! I told her no I need thank you, because really I need another copy in order to send to the other court.

The other woman that was working next to her told me you should have asked "may I get another copy".

As an Israeli I might go wrong here or maybe not ?!

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