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"Response time Israel VS. USA

During the challenging and crazy period in which we are in "reaction time" takes on greater significance than normal days as they are corrected because we are all in a kind of "pressure mode" and uncertainty which we are supposed to face and therefore waiting for a response if more difficult than usual. "Response time" can come to Lady Phrase if it is a case where we are looking for a job and after the job interview are waiting for an answer, if it is on the job - sending emails leaving messages and more.

When we are in a situation where we are waiting for a response from the boss, a new workplace, or from a colleague to work there are a few things to consider.

Firstly , we are all different, and this is known, but when we wait for a response from the other side or tend to forget it, it must be remembered that every person is different from his past, and therefore the reaction time will be different from ours, especially when it is a person whose culture and background is different from us, does not mean that the other side does not appreciate us or sees no importance in providing the response, but there are people whose response time is fast and there are those who are slow, each and every one with his time:) If it is a colleague for work then obviously we are aware that this is happening it is necessary to mention it to ourselves:) If this is a job search it is a different case and therefore should be timed (at least a week) until the other party's response.

The other thing I mentioned above is cultural gaps - the Israelis, for the most part, are fast, active, sometimes the activism they have will be considered as aggressive when Israelis work in an American work environment. The Americans, unlike the Israelis, for the most part, is more calculated living within less rapid frames and sometimes their behavior is interpreted for Israelis to some extent as passive or slow.

This behavior comes from lady expression in "reaction time"! The response time in the Americans will be slower in the Israelis "glasses" since it is less active/assertive, and when the response arrives even if late, according to the Israelis criteria, it will be wrapped in "I really appreciate it" "waiting for our next meeting", compared to the Israeli who has "thorns in the buttocks" and therefore the response time will be faster and without unnecessary "honest and to the point" gardening. Of course this is inclusion and there are always exceptions.

If so, we can also see in this small example that "reaction time" highlights the cultural gaps between Americans and Israelis, and we as Israelis working with the American world need to take this into account in order for working with them to be more peaceful and pleasant and most importantly productive and wrapped up in healthy communication.

For health and healthy communication :)


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