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Dispute solving techniques!

Two kids are fighting in the playground, and our initial instinct is to physically separate between them and to escort each of them to the opposite corners to stop the fighting. Eventually, those kids will have to start talking with each other in order to settle down their argument. In actuality, this is very similar to "Caucus" which is generally considered a part of the mediation process as a private, confidential meeting of members of one side of the dispute, often with the mediator, to discuss options with the intent to find a resolution.

But, Is there any other way to solve this dispute besides Physical separation?

The beauty of mediation is its flexibility. The mediation process can attend to such a wide variety of issues and disputes which require different approaches. The disputing parties are not just pigeon-holed into one method of dispute resolution, We can be non-directive, directive, have a therapeutic or a bottom-line approaches. I believe having an eclectic approach, where we adjust our style to the needs of the parties is best for them and for the process. Certainly we can observe using a variety of methods for how we implement the situation. One of the approach as I mentioned before is "Caucus" to separate and distinct from the joint session, the same as in the playground.

But are there any other techniques to deal with dispute?

Yes there are! For example, when the parties are involved in a big argument, they usually tend to raise their voice. In response, you can try to speak softly and quietly, and intuitively the parties will lower their voice or the other party with whom you are arguing will lower his/her voice as well.

Another method is to combine approaches, i.e, lowering your voice while being physically close to the other side. In this way, It will feel like at this moment in time no one else but you two exist,

Those two techniques can bring the parties to be attentive and to pay attention to the other side and basically be good listeners.

Now back to our playground, try to use these techniques not just in the playground but with your kids, spouses, neighbors, etc,.

Good luck!


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