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How do I get better at negotiation ?

Negotiations are part of a dynamic between two and more people. Some people tend to think that negotiation can lead to a conflict or an aggressive debate and believe that any disagreement can be a great way to get to know and learn the other side. If we think

That the path to negotiating is rife with possibilities of recognizing growth and brainstorming

This increases the chances that negotiations will succeed and lead to a full agreement between the parties.

“The million question” is should we negotiate? In order to get a peace rather than war?

Here are some tips that can be a milestone for you to start successful negotiations:

1. Listening - We are most often more likely to speak than to listen more to hear than to be attentive.

Be attentive to the other side or Listening can lead to learning and understanding of the other side.

2. Response - Respond to things that are said in negotiations and important to the other side and not necessarily

Just to say in order to be heard without addressing the beginning of the negotiations with the other side's words.

3.Empathy - Not all of us are blessed with the empathy feature and without a doubt while negotiating there is great difficulty in creating empathy with the side with which we are negotiating, but if we can even slightly create empathy with the other side and step into his shoes we can understand and sometimes appreciate him/her.

Evaluation and understanding leads to agreement in most cases.

4.”Think before shaking the ground” - choose the important issues for negotiations and not necessarily the issues that bounce the other side.

5.Create a common ground - while you are negotiating try and diagnose while emphasizing the issues on which we agree, in most cases, usually while we focus on the negative and not on the positive, try to focus on the beginning of the negotiation on the positive.

continued negotiations will be paved with a positive attitude of the parties seasoned with optimism which will lead to an agreement.

6. The Way We Say Things

The way we express ourselves and our tone of speech changes the group dynamics.

7.Cultural disparity - sometimes negotiations are carried out with someone who comes from a different culture than yours

Learn the culture of the other side and respect his culture

Negotiating with different cultures can be an obstacle that will lead to the failure of negotiations, remember knowledge is power!

8. Forgiveness - in any negotiations or any argument as to which it is we must come up with a forgiving and non-aggressive approach. In order to move forward in negotiations and not feel "blasts".

These are just a few basic tips for successful negotiations

I Believe that any negotiation between the minor to the biggest one can

being successful and very much depends on us, how we manage listening forgiving and can feel empathy with the other side.

Have a good negotiation!!


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