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Commercial Dispute 


Over the last decade the approach taken by commercial parties towards dispute resolution has changed. 


Commercial parties are increasingly looking to alternative forms of dispute resolution, to find methods which better suit their commercial needs and deliver efficient and effective results. Mediation often provides the answer.


  • Does a supplier owe you a shipment of goods? 

  • Maybe your deliverables to a customer have been satisfied but they won’t complete the payment according to your agreement. 


  • Do you have some disagreement with an agent over a contract term? 


  • Are you unsatisfied with work done by the contractor you hired? 


These are some of the many commercial disputes that can get settled via mediation. 

  • Avoid the financial burden of a lawyer.

  • Mediation can bridge a differences and help adversaries to resolve such commercial disputes.

  • Save time and money! Make your own decisions don't leave it to the judge or court.

Mediation provides you the ability to determine your own solution.  Unlike a court judgment, mediation allows for two winners by finding a compromise agreement, reflecting the personal interests of each party.  No doubt mediation is speedier and less expensive than a lawyer, results in more creative outcomes, and can preserve business relationships for the future. 

Business Mediation

"Win Win situation" 

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