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  • What is Mediation?
    Mediation is a process in which the parties discuss their disputes with the help of a third party impartial, who assist them in reaching a settlement.
  • What is Divorce mediation?
    It is a process in which the parties meet with a natural third party who help them to shift their partnership to a different shape, to help them to find the way how to live in a peace, from one household to two, by working through all the issues regarding their divorce in order to reach an agreement.
  • The role of a mediator?
    The Mediator leaves the decision power totally with the parties, doesn’t decide what is “fair” or “right”. The mediator will bring the parties together by defining issues and eliminating obstacles in order to build a good communication, and to seek a common ground in order to reach an agreement.
  • Why Divorce Mediation and not litigation?
    Less costly | Much faster than litigation | In mediation the parties will learn how to communicate and cooperate in a better way for the entire family, and most significantly for their children. In mediation the parties will make their own decision with the help of the mediator, in litigation the judge who makes the decision for the parties.
  • What is entailed in the process of divorce mediation?
    On the first meeting the mediator will overview of the entire process and explained the information/documents required. This first meeting is an opportunity for the parties to feel comfortable with the divorce mediation and the mediator. The first step is for the parties to provide all the documents and information requested. Each mediation session typically is scheduled for 2 hours. Each case is different, most cases requires 2-4 Mediation sessions. Once of the issues have been resolved, the mediator will prepare a memorandum of the agreement which will be approved by the parties and will be the draft for the final separation agreement for the parties to execute.
  • What is the connection between mediation and cultural gap?
    Mediation is a tool that helps to “bridge the gap” between differences, this requires knowing and respecting the culture of people that you meet. The mediator will focus on cross cultural issues by helping the parties to understand even the simples act of listening or expressing for the other side.
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