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About LTAMediation

Adi Roffe-Schaffer

The CEO and founder of LTAMediation, has mediated many cases. She began her career as an attorney since 2005 in Israel after earning both business and law degrees from Israeli universities following her military service in the Israeli Air force for two years. Adi interned for a family court judge in the Haifa Family Court system.


Still passionate about family relationships and the law, Adi trained in civil child custody and divorce disputes in Queens CMS mediation center and Cluster mediation center in Yonkers. She received her Mediation Certificate from Cluster, a New York State Unified Court System Accredited Mediation Center.She is on the Supreme court roster in Manhattan and White plains. Also Adi trained in divorce mediation in NJ by NJAPM.


Adi has conducted Business mediation cases as part of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process of the NYS Court System, working primarily in Westchester and Rockland County courts. Additionally, she has conducted workshops and seminars at nonprofit organizations and other companies which discuss mediation and poor communication which arises from differences culture or languages.​


Adi is a member at NYSCDM , FDMC, NJAPM and the Bar Association of Israel.​


Avi Marom Milberger

The VP Israel chamber of mediators, has more than 41 years experience in industry product development, import, export, international, trading and aviation as well as political and public experience. This experience is directed towards processes that are positive, young and fresh, that cause those in dispute to understand each other and to find together a successful future and vision. His special expertise and training in labor wages, intra organizational mediation inheritance, splitting up business  political parts, copyright dispute resolution in start ups and estate planing law. Also has a mediation experience in different languages.

He is a certified mediator in Israel since 2009.

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