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Family Dispute 


All families face difficulties and crises at times which may be caused by illnesses, miscommunications,  divorce,  finances issues ,stress between siblings elder and more, Mediation can help in the healing process toward a new and fresh beginning in the lives of the individuals. 

The most valubale thing is family! 

Dispute within the family shouldn't go to court, you have to make your own desicin with our help. 


Sometimes an impartial side, a third party in a couple’s conversation can make the difference in improving their relationships and leading them toward a healthy start and help in their understanding the others’ needs.



LTA Mediation can guide families through these difficulties

Family Mediation, Divorce


"LTA Mediation was a life saver.   We were walked through a   difficult process with expertise of the   laws and understanding of the   intricacies of dividing a household. It   was all done with compassion.   Would highly strongly recommend"


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