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children visitation in a Corona time!

The Corona that has befell us has changed our lives in many ways, for divorcees among us the change is felt in other aspects such as: Children custody, child support or Alimony.

I will refer to a children visitation, in most cases there is some division between the parents in terms of custody, on the days when the children move between the parents, each parent knows his or her days and times according to an agreement or the order of the Family Court.

But what happens on crazy days like this? If one of the parents is exposed to someone who was ill in Corona but shows no signs and won't give up his visitation arrangements with his children, is a parent who is required to be in solitary confinement even though he shows no signs and is not ill in court and cannot be prohibited from seeing his children? And in general, the mobility between home and home can also pose some risk, the parent's new spouse or spouse.

I'm sure this situation touched in a lot of divorce parents.

The answer to this is unclear, by and large the visual arrangements are supposed to remain in order, in Massachusetts the court said " both parents should cooperation", certainly the couple should try and communicate between them what is best for their children under the circumstances if there is any risk to the children, but I suppose there are cases where the communication is not so healthy and therefore the solution to this is not in sight.....

The facts should be before your eyes, is the child at a high risk? have some healthy issues? Has one of the parents been exposed to someone who is ill in Corona? Does one of their parents or spouses work in the healthy field that requires him to be exposed to Corona patients? If the answer to this is positive, consider temporary alternative solutions!! For this period of time.

Some solutions:

1. Think of the solution as "compensation" for that parent and children (due to the current period) for example: after the danger has passed, If the parent saw the children twice a week and every other weekend in accordance with the usual agreement, the children could come to the parent as temporary solution every weekend for a month or a month and a half, alternatively it is possible to decide that the children will stay with the parent instead of twice a week, four times in the middle of a week during the course of a month.

2. Using video such as zoom Skype, you will decide that every day children will see the parent via video at least half an hour a day.

3. Send messages, if it comes to small children you can ask them to draw something, to write what they did every day and send to the parent.

4. If children aged 12 and over depend on the parents' consideration, if the parent is not in quarantine but there is still a danger that he or she is an essential worker or her spouse is essential employees, the children can be seen 2 meters away, meet outside if the weather permits.

Most importantly, you will internally understand that this period is temporary, that the children are the most important and precious thing for both of you, and you are both on the same page!

If it is difficult to accept consent and decision on this matter, certainly mediation can help and will bring a creative ideas for both of you in order to resolve the matter, and safely go through the delusional period we are all in.

For health and healthy communication :)


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