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Every ending is always a new beginning 2020-2021

Every year, as the year reaches its end, I contemplate on what I managed to achieve in the past year and what I would like to achieve in the following year. However, 2020 was different. The COVID19 pandemic created a bizarre situation where we were forced to wear masks and maintain social distancing, i.e., avoid actually hugging each other or show any kind of physical attention to one another, and not being able to see our distant family for a quite a long time. It also brought some tension and anxiety.

Many of us have stayed with our close family members for 24/7. It has allowed us to spend more time with our children and partner, but, every once in while all of us need a little break from each other... I met many couples who struggled with this situation or still are, my advise was and still is to try to find some time during the day when you can be alone: go for a walk, drive your car, put some music on, do some sort of exercise; and for the sake of your relationship with your partner, at the end of he day, try to spend some quality time with your spouse with no kids around.

I think that this year, I found myself in a situation where I had to deal with a minimum time to myself in the maximum capacity of our apartment which is not very big:) I think we did pretty good as a family: we were trying to respect each other's space (to the best of our abilities…), and every afternoon after the remote learning, I took the kids outside for various activities such as eating, playing, sledding......

With everything that's been said and done, I hope you did the same or even better, and if not, I hope you will be inspired to try some of these ideas.

I wish you all for 2021 to end this craziness, and to begin with lots of actual hugs, trips, gathering together with your long distance family and of course above all stay healthy!

For a healthy year and healthy communication:)


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